Bet Selector

There is often a need to place bets on Betfair at a time close to the off when your not around to.

Bet Selector solves this problem by placing your bets for you.

Simply add your bets into the software, with all the relevant settings such as your stake and acceptable odds range. Bet Selector will then place your bets at the right time, for the stake you set if your conditions are met.

  • Bet Selector takes the emotion out of betting and won’t forget to place your bets – like you might do if get busy or distracted with other things.
  • Bet Selector is accurate and will only place your bets if the conditions you set (like number of runners or minimum odds) are met, this can be time consuming to do manually and its easy to miss things close to the off.
  • Dutch bets are calculated for you, for back and lays and even if you wish to try and achieve a target profit or liability unlike standard dutching.

On top of all this, your bets are recorded and monitored for you so you can keep a record of the bets you placed -and there is a simulation mode so you can paper trade your bets before you ‘go live’ with them.


Great if you have just 1 or 2 ways you like to bet and want a simple, cleanly designed software.

Only the most useful controls and options – no 3 inch thick manual required!

Stake, Bet Type, Odds/ Runner Range, Dutching and a Time to trigger the bets in to the markets

  • Set your settings
  • Add your horses
  • Click Start


If you have a fair number of bets and especially if you have a number of different setting you use (or systems) then Pro is the way to Go!

This version safes masses of time by allowing you to set up as many profiles (sets of settings) as you want. You then apply whatever profile you wish to each selection you add.

Pro also has the full markets tree, whereas Standard only has horse racing.